Advanced Virus Detection

An Elastic Skin-Like Liquid Bandage Wins FDA Approval

Bioabsorbable Foam for Wound Care and Tissue Engineering

Cold sintering of ceramics instead of high-temperature firing.

Handheld Plant Health Sensor

High-Affinity Aptamers for Targeting Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

High-Energy capacitors for miniaturization & efficient storage

Laser Ablation Tomography

Materials for first optical fibers with high-speed electronic function

Metasurface Wearable Antenna

Natural Food Colorant

Powering the 'Internet of Things' with Waste Heat

Safer, More Efficient Lithium-Ion Batteries

Seamless Architecture: Innovative Material Interfaces

Self-healing textiles not only repair themselves, but can neutralize chemicals

Technology for Oil Spill Recovery and Clean-up

Ultra-tough fibers and films for smart textiles.

These innovations are an introduction to the technologies, an assessment of the potential market applications for the invention, and contact information for how you can continue a discussion with the right people at Penn State who can guide a research or investment collaboration.