Mechanical engineering meets electromagnetics to enable future technology

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Reconfigurable antennas — those that can tune properties like frequency or radiation beams in real time, from afar — are integral to future communication network systems, like 6G. But many current reconfigurable antenna designs can fall short: they malfunction in high or low temperatures, have power limitations or require regular servicing.  

Microwave / 5G Techniques

Microwaves range in frequencies from 100’s of MHz to 100’s of GHz. Presently the frequency bands used for 5G (between 3GHz to 28GHz) fall within this spectrum. Characterization of materials in this frequency range utilize Vector Network Analyzers. 

The frequency range capabilities available in MSC range from 10’s of MHz to 67 GHz., with future capabilities reaching 110 GHz.  Multiple measurement techniques are utilized to cover this frequency range and are described below.