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The Microwave Processing & Engineering Group


decorationThis center is the world’s leading institution in the study of the interaction of matter with microwave radiation. It has published some 190+ papers and about 20 patents. Its success is based on a sequence of remarkable discoveries:





Most of the center support has come from two dozen companies and the government agencies.

In the News:


"Microwave Heating: Fundamentals and Applications to Cement-based Materials" Released

View the coverpage and author biographies

Microwaving malaria away


About 40 per cent of the world's population is at risk for malaria. An estimated 300 million to 500 million people worldwide contract the disease each year, and as many as 1 million of them die each year, a large majority of them are children under five.


Recent reports from Cambodia suggest that currently effective anti-malarial drugs are beginning to lose their effectiveness as the most virulent malaria strain develops resistance.


Pennsylvania State University materials scientists Dinesh Agrawal and Jiping Cheng are working to develop a process which uses low-power microwaves to destroy malaria parasites in the blood minus any medication. Their research has been further boosted by a donation from The Gates Foundation. the full story.

Microwave Energy Applied to Processing
of High-Temperature Materials


Application of microwave energy is emerging as an innovative technology for the processing of a variety of products and materials at faster rates, cheaper processing cost and, in most cases, with better properties. Moreover, the process is ecology friendly. the full story.

Green Technology: Hi-Temperature Microwave Sintering Reduces Energy Use Up to 80% and Process Time Up to 90%


Asian industry is leading the development and switch to high-temperature microwave sintering, replacing inefficient gas and electric furnaces with this newer “green” technology. “Switching to microwave furnaces cuts energy use up to 80% and reduces processing time by 90% the full story.