Our Story: Innovation at the Nanoscale

he Penn State Nanofabrication Laboratory (Nanofab) is a fully staffed user research facility offering more than 70 nanofabrication and characterization tools that enable fabrication and characterization of a wide range of devices to support fundamental and applied research. Researchers from Penn State, other universities, government labs, and industry take advantage of the expertise and world-class facilities of the Materials Research Institute’s Nanofabrication Laboratory.

The Nanofab Technical Staff

Providing Extensive Support and Training

Located in the Millennium Science Complex, the Nanofab provides faculty, students, and industry researchers access to sophisticated instruments for micro-and nanofabrication. The Nanofab’s 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art cleanroom is supported by 6,000 square feet of space for utilities in the subfab.

The Penn State Nanofab offers expertise in “top-down” (e.g. deposition, etching) and “bottom up” (e.g. self- assembling films) nanofabrication. The technical staff provides extensive support and training or can perform research on behalf of industry partners. More than 65 materials can be deposited and 70+ materials can be dry etched in the suite of tools resident in the facility.

Specialized Instruments and Technical Support

A microchip cell-sorting device The Nanofab provides specialized instruments and technical support in areas that mirror our faculty research strengths, including sputter deposition, atomic layer deposition, thin film piezoelectronics, 2D materials, CMOS, and MEMS. Technical capabilities that set the Nanofab apart include e-beam lithography of fine spatial scale on curved surfaces, and the ability to integrate nontraditional electronic materials such as complex oxides, chalcogenides, graphene, etc. into complex structures. The Nanofab is open to novel/unusual materials and techniques.

Welcome to the Nanofabrication Lab

Research Highlights

The Nanofab's research highlights are one page summaries of just some of the hundreds of research & development projects being carried out at any time. These nuggets summarize work completed from 2007 through Present. There are many other projects that are not summarized until completion of patent applications or papers are accepted for journal publication.

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Research Areas of Expertise


Core Capabilities

The general theme of the Nanofabrication Laboratory's core areas is the ability to handle non-standard materials alongside the more common materials. Procedures are in place to handle a wide variety of research that often uses non-standard materials.

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