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Other Facilities of the MRI

Smart Materials Integration Lab (Part of the Nanofab)

The Smart Materials Integration Laboratory (SMIL) is designed to allow Penn State University scientists to create a new generation of smart integrated components that combine electrical, mechanical, and optical functions. "Smart" materials sense a change in the environment and respond to that change in a useful way. The laboratory enables the integration and miniaturization of "smart" materials and the fabrication of components that go beyond conventional semiconductor-based materials. This is done by utilizing both semiconductor and low temperature co-fire ceramic technologies. SMIL is part of the Penn State Nanofabrication Laboratory.

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Materials Simulation Center

The Materials Simulation Center is a facility for education and research on materials simulation. It is designed to function as a hub to connect experimental and simulation activities through the organization of collaborative projects, short courses, and workshops. For the experimentalist, the Center will provide the information needed to add a simulation component to their work. For groups already working on materials simulation, the Center will be a natural environment for interaction and extension of existing simulation techniques.

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