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The mission of the Center for Two Dimensional and Layered Materials is to conduct leading international and multidisciplinary research on 2D layered materials aiming at finding new phenomena and applications, that could be transformed into high impact products. The center offers a unique, vertically integrated research education to graduate and undergraduate students, with extremely valuable components including state-of-the-art infrastructure, and research environment.

Research Goals of the Center

The primary goal of the Center is to develop a fundamental understanding of the synthesis and materials performance limits of 2-D layered structures. The proposed strategies are built upon our recent successful development of synthesis, integration, and evaluation of 2D materials. The themes that form the core Center goals include:

  • Develop synthesis techniques for large-area synthesis of highly crystalline 2D layered materials exhibiting tunable band gaps
  • Develop novel, low-cost, chemistry-based doping techniques able to tailor the electronic, structural, and chemical properties of 2-D Layered Materials
  • Understand the fundamental impact of "bulk", edge, and interface states on the chemical and electronic properties of different 2D layered materials, and how to control these states to enhance specific material properties.
  • Develop novel characterization techniques across multiple length scales to correlate the process/property relationship of the layered materials.
  • Develop novel chemical and molecular doping methods to tailor 2D hybrid materials for optoelectronic applications.
  • Demonstrate technology transition to industrial partners through the formation of an government-industry advisory board that will help guide the fundamental science.

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Mauricio Terrones
Joshua Robinson

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