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Nano/Micro Devices for Diagnostics and Treatment

Microelectromechanical Systems and Nanoelectromechanical Systems

A Splash of Alcohol Eases the Friction When Tiny Gears Meet

MEMS are micro machines that typically range in size from as small as a dust particle up to the size of a grain of rice (20 microns to a millimeter). MEMS are embedded in cell phones, automotive air bags, digital cameras, microphones, and ink jet printers, to name only a few of their multibillion dollar applications. More recently, MEMS accelerometers that measure the motion in handheld devices are the enabling technology in the popular Nintendo Wii gaming system.

Faculty Experts: 
Lanagan, Mike
Lissenden III, Clifford
Mallouk, Thomas
Meyer, Richard
Rose, Joseph
Schiff, Steven
Shrout, Thomas
Tittmann, Bernhard
Trolier-McKinstry, Susan
Uchino, Kenji
Zhang, Qiming
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