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2D & Layered Materials and Coatings

1D and 2D Semiconductors

Light-emitting triangles may have applications in optical technology

For the first time, scientists have created single layers of a naturally occurring rare mineral called tungstenite, or WS2. The resulting sheet of stacked sulfur and tungsten atoms forms a honeycomb pattern of triangles that have been shown to have unusual light-emitting, or photoluminescent, properties.

Faculty Experts: 
Alem, Nasim
Crespi, Vincent
Giebink, Chris
Gomez, Enrique
Hudson, Eric
Jackson, Thomas
Liu, Zhiwen
Mallouk, Thomas
Mohney, Suzanne
Redwing, Joan
Robinson, Joshua
Samarth, Nitin
Sofo, Jorge
Terrones, Mauricio
Zhang, Sulin
Zhu, Jun


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