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Online Video Trainings

nanofab online video trainingVideo Trainings are now Available for Some Tools in the Nanofab

The Nanofab staff has created training videos for many of the most sought after pieces of equipment in the Penn State Nanofabrication facility.  Partial funding for this project came from the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) through Dr. Joshua Robinson. 

We are pleased to report that the training videos are improving user outcomes, saving staff time, and improving the training experience and understanding of the users. Furthermore, the videos reduce the startup costs for faculty. All training videos are $17.41 each for internal users (external rate will include additional overhead fees), a ten-to-twenty times reduction in cost relative to the previous model. The Nanofab staff continues to meet one-on-one with the user for the second and third trainings.

Want access to a training video?

  • Email Jaime Reish at to access the training videos


  • Spin Benches
  • Develop Benches
  • MABA6
  • Spray Coater
  • L-Edit
  • Laser Writer
  • OAI Flood


  • M4L
  • PT Versalock


  • Kurt Lesker Sputter
  • Savanah ALD
  • Lab 18 Evaporator
  • PZT Spin Benches
  • Semicore Evaporator
  • Temescal


  • Nanometrics 8000
  • LatticeAx (sample prep)
  • Nikon Microscopes
  • P16+ Profilometer