Contact Print

Karl Suss MABA6 Gen 4

Contact lithography exposes an entire substrate at once while the mask is in contact with the substrate. It is generally good for features down to about one micron and one micron overlay, but most people switch to the stepper for ease of achieving the smaller dimensions and tighter overlay. The Nanofab has two contact lithography tools, the Karl Suss MA/BA6 Gen 2 with SCIL and Karl Suss MA/BA6 Gen 4, to satisfy demand for this basic lithography method. The Nanofab has the ability to make the contact masks as well.


Karl Suss MABA6 Gen 2 and Gen 4

  • Double objective optical microscope
  • Wafer sizes from pieces to 6 inch
  • Unfiltered Hg lamp exposure 8 mW/cm2 @ 365 nm Hg I-line
  • Top and Bottom side optical alignment
  • Mask sizes of 4, 5, and 7 inches
  • Vacuum, hard, proximity, and soft contact modes

Resolution <1 µm, Overlay <1 µm