Sample Preparation

LatticeAx 420 in use at the Nanafabrication Lab

LatticeAx 420 

The newest addition to the nanofabrication facility.  The LatticeAx is a fundamentally new way to approach cleaving of samples.  With the simple mechanical mechanism the success rate vs manual cleaving is near 100%.  This means anyone can be a cleaving expert!   A small indent is precisely placed into the surface of the sample using a diamond tipped indenter. The sample is then moved under the cleaving bar and cleaved in a slow and controllable fashion.  This method allows for very high quality cross sections to be created in less than 5 minutes. Positional accuracy of the cleave is ~10µm when using the attached microscope. The tool can also be used for downsizing of samples with reduced contamination relative to manual cleaving or dicing.  This process is compatible with both crystalline materials and glass. 

Microcleaving tool for cleaving samples in preparation for SEM cross sections or for downsizing of samples:

  • 4 µm Optical resolution microscope camera
  • 10 µm cleaving accuracy
  • 300 mm Wafer to 5 mm piece can be cleaved
  • Diamond indenter with dial precision
  • Minimal particle generation
  • <5 min to cleave a sample
  • Compatible with wide range of materials:
    • Silicon, III-V, SiC, Saphire, Quartz, Glass, Oxides

To become a user of the LatticeAx 420 or any other tool in the nanofabrication facility contact us at