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Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Woolllam M-2000XF-193 is a focused beam fixed angle ellipsometer. Specs are as follows:

  • Fixed incident angle: 65°
  • Spot size of 25µm x 60 µm
  • Spectral range: 193-1000nm
  • Automated mapping stage: 200mmX200mm

Typical applications

  • Thin film thickness measurements including a variety of materials, including dielectrics, organics, semiconductors, and even metal layers;
  • Measure film as thin as a fraction of a nanometer;
  • Measure film thickness upto 50 µm for dielectrics, upto 50 nm for absorbing films like metal;
  • Measure film with multilayer of different materials;
  • Measure refractive index;
  • Mapping thickness uniformity on wafers upto 8”;
  • Measure film thickness on patterned samples.