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Energy Despersive Spectroscopy (EDS)


AZtecLive Advanced Microanalysis System with UltimMax 100 SSD Detector

This EDS system is recently installed on Merlin. The combination of large area (100mm2) detector, AZtecLive technology and the capability of continuously tuning beam current  to 300nA while reserving high image resolution makes real-time chemical imaging and element mapping an ease.

A new capability, called Aztec LayerProbe can measure  thin film thickness in a non-destructive way. Based on the collected chemical information and layered structure provided, the software will simulate based on internal theoretical model then give the thickness information, very similar to ellipsometry. This is going to be a complementary thickness measurement technique to ellipsometry when measuring thick metal films.

The large sensor sizes of Ultim Max ensure maximum counts are achieved under the most demanding conditions, enabling low KV analysis down to 1KV.


  • UltimMax 100 - 100mm2 sensor size.
  • Resolution guaranteed on Mn K - 127eV at 130,000 cps.
  • Detection of elements from Beryllium;
  • High sensitivity  for light element and sub-nanometer thin film analysis;
  • High spatial resolution element analysis down to 10 nm;
  • Work at lower kV (up to 1KV) to characterize smaller structures with less sample damage;
  • Real-time chemical imaging and element mapping;
  • AZtec LayerProbe provides capability measuring layer thickness and composition.