Safety Certificate of Completion

The above image shows an example of a Laboratory Safety Training Certificate. Please use the following form to submit your certificate proof of training. Choose the appropriate safety training from the dropdown, which includes the introductory Safety Training for lab use, Laser Training, X-Ray Training, and several other options. The Certificate Image selector will let you choose the appropriate image file to attach to this form.

NOTE: This form is optimized for Chrome, Edge, and Safari browsers.

The PSU ID is the 9-digit number located on your Penn State ID card. If you don't have a Penn State ID card (i.e. - you're not a Penn State student, faculty or staff member) then simply enter "000000000".
Your Penn State WebAccess ID (e.g. xyz123) WITHOUT the ""
PI/Supervisor Access ID based on their name.
Use the "Browse" button to select the desired file. Then click the Upload button to attach the file to this submission form. NOTE: Firefox users will see the file upload spin, but by clicking the "Submit" button will still upload your file.
One file only.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, png, jpg, gif.

Safety Committee Contact


Emergency Contacts

For all Emergencies:
Call 9-1-1

PSU Police Direct:

PSU EHS Direct:

Additionally, after calling all the above you must contact:

  1. The MSC Facilities & Safety Director Sarah Eichfeld 814-865-0889
  2. Your Supervisor
  3. Lab or Area Director/Manager

For Key Access and Card Swipe Access

Contact Amy Morder
MSC N-317; email:

For Card Swipe Access to the Nanofab

Contact Jaime Reish


If you have an emergency, always

CALL 9-1-1