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Quantum School


Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Students who attended the Quantum Science Summer School at the Millennium Science Complex on the University Park campus at Penn State. Photo: Jennifer M. McCann / Penn State MRI

THE QUANTUM SCIENCE SUMMER SCHOOL (QS3) is an annual summer school with the mission of training graduate students and postdocs in condensed matter, materials, and related fields for the next “quantum revolution.” The aim is to provide students an interactive learning experience with both theoretical and experimental leaders in the field and a connection to new technology.

Held on Penn State’s University Park campus from June 3-14, 2019, the summer school attract 46 students from research universities across the country.

The program for the 2019 QS3 focused on the growing field of quantum devices, including Majoranas, photonics, spintronics, superconductors, 2D materials, and heterostructures. Quantum devices that both rely on inherently quantum phenomena as well as those that can uniquely probe quantum phenomena were included. The basic fundamentals of these systems as well as their connections to applications were emphasized. Participants experienced real-life demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

The 2019 Summer School was organized by Penn State, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and MIT. Financial support was provided by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.