Safer, More Efficient Lithium-Ion Batteries

Technology Summary:

In current technology, liquid plasticizers are added to the solid polymer electrolyte to increase conductivity of Li-ion batteries. This increases risks from the use of current flammable and toxic liquid plasticizers. This technology employs a newly developed electrolyte comprising a crystalline PEO6LiX complex that provides high room-temperature conductivity with minimal temperature dependence and decreased dendrite growth for increased battery life. Currently, Li-ion batteries using solid polymer electrolyte need to be warmed to 80˚C to be functional. With cellulose-polymer composite electrolyte, no pre-warming is needed.

Application and Market Utility:

This technology makes Li-ion batteries safer and increases the battery life, operation temperature range, and energy density. It can be used for battery packs for electric cars and electronics.

Patent Status and Licensing:

Maranas, J. K., Zhan, P., Ganapatibhotla, L. VNR., “Nanofilled Solid Polymer Electrolytes” US Patent Application No. 62/300,543. 26 Feb. 2016.

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