Natural Food Colorant

Technology Summary

AvoColor is derived from the seed of the avocado and represents a disruptive innovation in “natural” food colors, as no other alternative shares its unique product attributes. The introduction of AvoColor and similar compounds will bring a novel class of safe food colors to the industry. The commercialization of AvoColor will dramatically accelerate the elimination of artificial colors from foods.

Application and Market Utility

The food color market is currently at $2 billion and growing, split nearly evenly between artificial and natural colors. Natural colors will significantly outpace the growth of artificial colors going forward. The researchers predict that the product market potential, due to its favorable stability attributes and cost, may expedite the demise of the artificial food color market. Current colors can meet nearly 50% of the food color demands. Therefore, at least 50% of the $2 billion market is addressable market/market potential.

Patent Status and Licensing

Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/250,684 [Characterization of a Natural Orange Pigment Found in Hass Avocado (Persea americana) Seed for Use as a Natural Food Colorant.]

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