Laser Ablation Tomography

Technology Summary:

Lasers for Innovative Solutions (L4IS) uses an ultrafast, ultraviolet pulsed laser to continuously ablate thin surface layers of samples, which are simultaneously imaged as the sample is fed into the laser ablation plane. The resulting data are processed using machine learning techniques to identify structural and compositional features at micron resolution. The images are then stacked, further processed, and reconstructed into high-resolution volume renderings that can be analyzed, quantified, segmented, and virtually dissected to obtain 3-D data not available via any other method.

Application and Market Utility:

Applications involve structural and chemical analysis in agricultural sciences, life sciences, entomology, materials science, and structural engineering. The technology competes with 3-D x-ray and CT scans. Unlike these methods, the technology creates full-color cross-sections, with color arising from the interaction of the target material with the UV laser. Thus, the color is material dependent, which allows for segmentation and identification of components within the sample. Color can also be used to spectrally map samples, creating 3-D compositional maps.

Patent Status and Licensing:

USP 9,406,167 “3D Laser Ablation Tomography,” 14/646,250, 15/223,382 and related foreign patent applications pending. The technology has been exclusively licensed to Lasers for Innovative Solutions (L4IS).

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