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Personnel - ICAT Researchers

Faculty & Staff:

  • Kenji Uchino: Director of the ICAT and Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • Donna Lucas: Administrative Support Coordinator and the ICAT Symposium Coordinator

Adjunct Professors/Researchers

  • Alfredo Vazquez Carazo, Adjunct Professor, Micromechatronics Inc. (US)

Ph.D. Students:

  • Minkyu Choi (MatSE)
  • Maryam Majzoubi (EE)
  • Anushka Bansal (MatSE) 
  • Hossein Daneshpajooh (EE)

Visiting Scholars:

  • Yuting Ma, Visiting Professor, Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, China
  • Shengjun Shi, Visiting Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  • Kedia Sunil, Visiting Researcher, Portescap, India
  • Xiaoxiao Dong, Visiting Student, Southeast University, China
  • Tao Yuan, Visiting Student, Shanghai University, China