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Rapid screening machine can read and separate protein sequences


Inaugural CRAFT Center Workshop Highlights Fiber Technology


Someday, chemically protective suits made of fabric coated in self-healing thin films may prevent farmers from exposure to organophosphate pesticides, soldiers from chemical or biological attacks in the field and factory workers from accidental releases of toxic materials.


A drop of water self-heals a multiphase polymer derived from the genetic code of squid ring teeth, which may someday extend the life of medical implants, fiber-optic cables and other hard to repair in place objects, according to an international team of researchers.


A simple, scalable method of making strong, stretchable graphene oxide fibers that are easily scrolled into yarns and have strengths approaching that of Kevlar is possible, according to Penn State and Shinshu University, Japan, researchers.

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Inaugural CRAFT Center Workshop Highlights Fiber Technology

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