The primary goal of the Center will be to develop a fundamental understanding of the synthesis and materials performance limits of fibrous structures from nano to macro scales. The proposed strategies are built upon our recent successful development of synthesis, integration, and evaluation of bio-inspired materials. The themes that form the core Center goals include:

  • Develop revolutionary techniques for large-scale fermentation of programmable fibers using synthetic biology
  • Develop smart 2D-based molecular composite fibers using self-assembly of 2D layered materials and biopolymers
  • Synthetize and computationally design low-cost, flexible composite textile fibers for electronic and photovoltaic applications
  • Develop novel characterization techniques across multiple length scales to correlate the process/property relationship of the fibrous materials.
  • Develop novel chemical and molecular doping methods to tailor smart textiles for optoelectronic applications.
  • Demonstrate technology transition to industrial partners through the formation of a government-industry advisory board that will help guide the fundamental science.