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Welcome to the Center for Research on Advanced Fiber Technologies

Programmable.  Biocompatible.  Mechanically Strong.  Optically Superior.

SRT coated fabric self-heals.  From left, fabric with hole, wet fabric and patch in a drop of water, self-healed fabric.

These responsive textiles used in lightweight shelters will transform how we communicate, socialize and use space.

A simple, scalable method of making strong, stretchable graphene oxide fibers

Mission and Vision

The CRAFT Center's mission is to become an international leader in research on new phenomena and applications of programmable smart composite fibers that could be transformed into high impact functional textile products in medicine, automobile, energy, biotechnology, and cosmetic industries. The center will provide a unique platform integrating research and education to students (including Millennium and Schreyer Honors Scholars) with state-of-the-art infrastructure and an ideal research environment.