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2DLM News

Jul 29 2020

By Walt Mills

The goal of room temperature superconductivity took a small step forward with a recent discovery by a team of Penn State physicists and materials scientists.

Jul 3 2020

Layered van der Waals materials are of high interest for electronic and photonic applications, according to researchers at Penn State and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, in California, who provide new insights into the interactions of layere

May 19 2020

A new way of creating carbon fibers — which are typically expensive to make — could one day lead to using these lightweight, high-strength materials to improve safety and reduce the cost of producing cars, according to a team of researchers.

Feb 26 2020

By Walt Mills

Researchers at Penn State and Purdue University have developed new materials for improved single-atom catalysis and future electronics.

Jan 29 2020

An interdisciplinary team led by Penn State has received a five-year $3.7 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation’s new program on convergence research.

Dec 23 2019

By Walt Mills

A device to quickly capture and identify various strains of virus has been developed, according to researchers at Penn State and New York University.

May 7 2019

By Walt Mills

Jan 17 2019

By Walt Mills

Oct 12 2018

The National Science Foundation has awarded $1.4 million to a team of Penn State scientists to develop a new laboratory at the University with ultra-fast microscopes that will provide a high-resolution look at two-dimensional materials.   

Aug 30 2017

An international team of researchers, including scientists from Shinshu University (Japan) and the director of Penn State’s ATOMIC Center, has developed a graphene-based coating for desalination membranes that is more robust and scalable than curr

May 1 2017

The possibilities for the new field of two-dimensional, one-atomic-layer-thick materials, including but not limited to graphene, appear almost limitless.

Apr 28 2017

By now it is well understood that thinning a material down to a single atom thickness can dramatically change that material’s physical properties.