Poster Session


The virtual poster sessions will take place in Gather.Town on Wed, May 12 and Thu, May 13. 
Meet directly with the poster presenters to discuss their research in Gather.Town (just like you would in real life)!!!


Gather.Town Poster Session: Layout

Basic Guidelines 

  • You must be registered for the Graphene & Beyond Workshop
  • You must provide your Poster title and abstract during registration. 
  • Your poster abstract should be 150 words or less
  • Your poster abstract will be approved by the Graphene & Beyond planning committee.  You will receive an email notification should your abstract be accepted.

Design Guidelines 

  • If using more than one slide, please limit the number of slides to 6 or less (template)
  • Your PowerPoint should include elements of a traditional research poster such as:
    • ​Title
    • Authors
    • Introduction
    • Methods or Experimental/Computational
    • Results and Discussion
    • Conclusion

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