2019 Graphene and Beyond


To enhance synergy within the community and build toward a strong future in 2D crystal science and technology, the Center for 2D and Layered Materials and the 2D Crystal Consortium at Penn State University will be hosting a combined 2D workshop that brings together the 7th Annual “Graphene and Beyond: From Atoms to Applications Workshop” and the 5th annual "US/EU 2D Materials Workshop".

2019 Speakers from across the globe including leaders of the Graphene Flagship.

  1. Vladimir Fa’lko, Manchester

  2. Vincenzo Palermo, Chalmers

  3. Frank Koppens, ICFO

  4. Camilla Coletti, IIT & CNR Pisa

  5. Maurizio Prato, Trieste

  6. Roman Gorbachev, Manchester

  7. Amber McCreary, NIST

  8. Yin-Ting Yeh, Penn State

  9. Matthew Rosenberger, NRL

  10. Vittorio Pellegrini, IIT

  1. Mete Atature, Cambridge

  2. Klaus Ensslin, ETH Zurich

  3. Jeewhan Kim, MIT

  4. Xiaolin Zheng, Stanford

  5. Xiao-Xiao Zhang, Cornell

  6. Cedric Huyghebaert, IMEC

  7. Adhay Pasupathy, Columbia

  8. Joshua A. Robinson, Penn State

  9. Ekaterina Pomerantseva, Drexel

  10. Dmitri Basov, Columbia



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