How to Apply

How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications for the summer 2017 programWe will stop accepting applications at the end of the day on Monday, February 20th.

To apply for the Fellowship students should identify a faculty member that shares a similar research interest to their own in one of the following departments: material science, engineering science and mechanics, chemistry, physics, all branches of engineering. The student should approach the faculty and ask if they will nominate them for the fellowship.  The student may wish to remind the faculty that research funding will come with this award.  Note that an undergraduate researcher that comes with research funding will be of high interest to our faculty.  Once the student finds a nominating faculty, the student should fill in the entire application packet, gather supporting documentation, and give it to their nominating faculty to submit.  Faculty may nominate more than one student. 

To view a list of faculty working in the Materials Research Institute click here. The MRI website also offers detailed information on subject areas of focus and which faculty are working in those specific areas.  The nominating faculty will be responsible for sending in the completed application packet. Only complete packets will be considered.

The selection process will start as soon as we receive the completed application packet from the nominating faculty. The main criteria for selection will be the student’s academic record and faculty recommendation. We will also take into account the student’s enthusiasm for research in materials science, and interest in career goals related to research. The main aim to the selection process is to identify students who are well qualified, who have a keen interest in materials science and who want to find out whether a career in this field is right for them.

Offers to students will be sent out early March and will end when all positions are filled.