2016 PPG REU Fellows

2016 PPG REU Undergraduate Fellows

Left to Right: David Fecko (MRI Industry Coordinator), Hannah Feldstein, Seamus O'Hara, James Dallas, John Fadel, Alyssa Bixler, Mike Geitner, Ecenaz Asku, Mike Makowski (Technology Manager at PPG).
Not in picture: Muhammad Hasyim

Undergraduate Fellows and Their Poster Sessions

Alyssa Bixler

Self-Powered Enzyme Microparticle Pumps [view Poster]

Ecenaz Asku 

Flexible Thin-Film Electronics on Curved Glass Substrates using Anisotropic Conductive Film Bonding [view Poster]

Hannah Feldstein

Characterization of Slippery Rough Surfaces: Drop Bouncing, Evaporation, and Self-Cleaning [view Poster]

James Dallas

Thermal Characterization of GaN Vertical Devices using Optical Methods [view Poster]

John Fadel

Department of Novel Citrate Based Membranes for Periosteum Regeneration [view Poster]

Michael Geitner

Living Biofouling-Resistant Membranes as a Model for the Beneficial Use of Engineered Biofilms [view Poster]

Muhammad Hasyim

Development of Polymeric Coating for Alkali-Free Thin Glass
[view Poster]

Seamus O'Hara

Properties of Charge Carriers in Ultrathin WSe2
[view Poster]