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Biomaterals and Medical Devices

How do dry needling and high-intensity focused ultrasound treatments affect tendon viscoelastic properties? → View Flash Talk
Sujata Khandare (uuk72@psu.edu)

3D Printed Absorber for Capturing Chemotherapy Drugs before They Spread through the Body → View Flash Talk
Liang-Kai Chu (lxc5534@psu.edu)

Novel Fluorometric Portable Device for Multi-halide Sensing → View Flash Talk
Dingbowen Wang (dxw348@psu.edu)

PBS-treated Electrodeposited Cu-Ni Structures for Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Glucose in Neutral pH → View Flash Talk
Lindsey Goodnight (ljg5355@psu.edu)

Dynamic Laser Speckle Imaging Meets Machine Learning to Enable Rapid Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing (DyRAST) → View Flash Talk
Chen Zhou (cjz5147@psu.edu)

Computer Simulation and Modeling I

3D Full-Field Strain Mapping Inside Native and Implanted Glenoid → View Flash Talk
Yichun Tang (yzt5124@psu.edu)

Normal Electrolyte Flow eliminates dendrite growth in Lithium Metal Batteries → View Flash Talk
Mihir Parekh (mzp523@psu.edu)

Identifying Chemically Active States for Lean CO Oxidation over CeO2 Supported Pd Single-atoms → View Flash Talk
Shyam Deo (sxd375@psu.edu)

Finite Element Modeling of a CLT Tornado Shelter and Comparison with Test Results → View Flash Talk
Rupesh Ramchandra Yadav (yadavrupesh100068@gmail.com)

Modeling of Nanophosphor-Coupled Porous Layers for Color Conversion in III-Nitride Micro-LED Arrays → View Flash Talk
Asim Noor Elahi (amn201@psu.edu)

Computer Simulation and Modeling II

Molecular Dynamics Study of the Phase Transformation of CsPbI3 Using New Hybrid Potential Function → View Flash Talk
Saeed Almishal (ssa5409@psu.edu)

Topology Optimization Design of Metamaterials to Control Surface Wave Propagation → View Flash Talk
Daniel Giraldo Guzmán (dzg5526@psu.edu)

An Equilibrium Theory for Binding-Driven Molecular Chemotaxis → View Flash Talk
Kathleen Krist (ktk6@psu.edu)

Convergence of Machine Learning and Dynamic Laser Speckle Imaging for Rapid Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing → View Flash Talk
Keren Zhou (kxz172@psu.edu)

Scaling law for defective lattice structure fabricated by additive manufacturing → View Flash Talk
Panwei Jiang (pzj40@psu.edu)

Electronic/Photonic Materials and Devices I

Advanced Dielectric Polymeric Materials with Rational Design of Nano-Morphologies → View Flash Talk
Xin Chen (xzc29@psu.edu)

On the Effects of Electrical Conductivity on the Triboelectric Behavior of a PDMS-Based Composite Material → View Flash Talk
Xiaoyue Zhao (xxz307@psu.edu)

High temperature CVD of h-BN on sapphire → View Flash Talk
Anushka Bansal (apb5472@psu.edu)

Synapse-Inspired Magnetoactive Materials that Exhibit Plasticity → View Flash Talk
Amal Badri (amb8698@psu.edu)

Chiral Absorption of Light at Exceptional Surfaces → View Flash Talk
Sina Soleymani (szs1410@psu.edu)

Optomechanical Coupling in Microbottle Resonators → View Flash Talk
Sina Soleymani (szs1410@psu.edu)

Electronic/Photonic Materials and Devices II

Electroceramics with Functional Grain Boundaries via Cold Sintering → View Flash Talk
Javier Mena Garcia (jxm6487@psu.edu)

Adversarial Generative Model for Inverse Design of Random-Shaped Metasurfaces → View Flash Talk
Yao Duan (yxd48@psu.edu)

Effects of Crystal Symmetry, Surface Diffusion Barriers, and Reactivity on Metal Epitaxy to Two-Dimensional Layered Materials → View Flash Talk
Ama Agyapong (ada27@psu.edu)

Multifunctional NCM-Si Batteries with Bimorph Actuation → View Flash Talk
Shuhua Shan (sxs2472@psu.edu)

MOCVD Growth of Tungsten Ditelluride Thin Films → View Flash Talk
Thomas Mc Knight (tvm5385@psu.edu)


Development of Clay-Lime Mixture for 3D Printing of COB Homes → View Flash Talk
Amnah Alqenaee (aya14@psu.edu)

Femtomolar H2O2 sensitivity in non-enzymatic Pt biosensors produced using laser direct writing → View Flash Talk
Alex Castonguay (acc61@psu.edu)

Biorenewable Photoactive Resins for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing → View Flash Talk
Aditi Arya (aza5799@psu.edu)

Anti-Fouling Slippery Coatings for Extreme Water Saving and Global Sanitation → View Flash Talk
Lin Wang (luw170@psu.edu)

Materials Characterization I

Grazing incidence X-ray scattering reveals interactions between cellulose and non-cellulosic polysaccharides in primary cell walls → View Flash Talk
Sintu Rongpipi (sxr95@psu.edu)

Novel Characterization of Conjugated Polymer Morphology and Crystal Structure​ → View Flash Talk
Ryan Fair (rxf243@psu.edu)

How MCL Works with Industrial Collaborators → View Flash Talk
Jeff Shallenberger (jxs124@psu.edu)

Overcoming Sample and Environmental Limitations in Transmission Electron Microscopy → View Flash Talk
Jennifer Gray (jlg375@psu.edu)

Materials Characterization with Raman Spectroscopy → View Flash Talk
Maxwell Wetherington (mtw5027@psu.edu)

Materials Characterization II

Materials Characterizations with Advanced Electron Microscopy → View Flash Talk
Leixin Miao (lvm5357@psu.edu)

Crystallization of polyamide 66 blends at processing-relevant conditions → View Flash Talk
Xiaoshi Zhang (xvz5402@psu.edu)

Materials characterization by gas adsorption: principle and applications → View Flash Talk
Ekaterina Bazilevskaya (eab204@psu.edu)

Update on FIB at PSU:  Complete remote operation and Cryo FIB and TEM prep → View Flash Talk
Trevor Clark (trevor@psu.edu)

Characterization of a Highly Fe-deficient and Hydrous Natural Hydrohematite → View Flash Talk
Si Athena Chen (szc81@psu.edu)

Materials Characterization III

Mechanical Characterization at MCL → View Flash Talk
Beth Last (bab5313@psu.edu)

Graphitization Behavior of Graphene-novolac Carbon-Carbon Composites → View Flash Talk
Sandra Ike (sxi5097@psu.edu)

SAXS/WAXS - Understanding Your Sample's "Big Picture" → View Flash Talk
Nichole Wonderling (nmw10@psu.edu)

Electron Microscopy Characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks → View Flash Talk
Wesley Auker (wua101@psu.edu)

The High Field MRI Facility at Penn State → View Flash Talk
Sean Gullette (sqg5746@psu.edu)

Materials Processing and Manufacturing I

Additive Manufacturing of Thermosetting Composites → View Flash Talk
Lachlan Peeke (lmp5527@psu.edu)

Microwave Plasma Technology For Upgraded Coal Tars → View Flash Talk
Akshay Gharpure (apg86@psu.edu)

Comparison of the Stability of Initiating Monolayers for Surface-Initiated Controlled Radical Polymerizations (SI-CRPs) ​ → View Flash Talk
Michele Fromel (mef252@psu.edu)

The Use of Image Processing and Spaning Tree Algorithms to Quantify the Particle Structures Resulting from Multifield Processing → View Flash Talk
Dashiell Papula (dpp5238@psu.edu)

Dependence of Failure Micro-mechanisms in Additively Manufactured Titanium on Defect-Microstructure Interactions → View Flash Talk
Ian Wietecha-Reiman (ivw5030@psu.edu)

Orientation-controlled growth of wafer scale WSe2 by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition → View Flash Talk
Haoyue Zhu (hzz111@psu.edu)

Materials Processing and Manufacturing II

Ordered Nanostructured Germanium Obtained from Mesoporous Silica Templates → View Flash Talk
Briana Laubacker (bdl169@psu.edu)

Cold sintering Solid-State Batteries: Uniting Solid Electrolytes and Composite Electrodes → View Flash Talk
Zane Grady (zmg19@psu.edu)

Solvent-Responsive and Reversible Structural Coloration in Nanostructured Block Polymer Films → View Flash Talk
Yifan Xu (yzx56@psu.edu)

Role of Retained Austenite in Mechanical Response of  Additively Manufactured 17-4 PH Stainless Steel → View Flash Talk
Derek Shaffer (derekshaffer22@yahoo.com)

Heel Strike Energy Harvesting with Flexoelectric Silicon → View Flash Talk
Travis Peters (tlp5454@psu.edu)

Functional Ceramic/Polymer Nanocomposite Devices Using the Cold Sintering Process → View Flash Talk
Sinan Dursun (sinandursun.sd@gmail.com)

Materials Processing and Manufacturing III

Experimental Prediction of Material Deformation and Toolpath Design Compensation in Large-Scale AM of Concrete → View Flash Talk
Negar Ashrafi (nza119@psu.edu)

Identifying transient chemical evolution of zinc oxide cold sintering process → View Flash Talk
Sun Hwi Bang (sbang@psu.edu)

3D Printing as a Tool for Fundamental Understanding of Bipolar Membranes → View Flash Talk
William White (wnw5027@psu.edu)

Mechanics of Shot Peening of Rough Ti-6Al-4V Surfaces Resulting from Electron Beam Melting (EBM) → View Flash Talk
Mustafa Rifat (mxr652@psu.edu)

The Cold Sintering Process → View Flash Talk
Arnaud Ndayishimiye (axn536@psu.edu)

Materials Processing and Manufacturing IV

A Computational Framework for Multifield Processing Conditions in Polymer Matrix Composites → View Flash Talk
Denise Widdowson (dqw5479@psu.edu)

Design for Inspection Using Existing Non-Destructive Testing Methods → View Flash Talk
Tobias Mahan (tjm450@psu.edu)

Secondary Phase Formations in Inconel 718 Produced by Laser Beam Melting → View Flash Talk
Selda Nayir (sun172@psu.edu)

Ultra-low temperature processing for Ferro- and Piezo-electric Ceramics → View Flash Talk
Kosuke Tsuji (tuk152@psu.edu)

Properties of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) for Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing Applications → View Flash Talk
Zachary Koroneos (zkoroneos@pennstatehealth.psu.edu)

Nanomaterials and Nano- and MIcrofabrication I

What’s new at the Penn State Nano-fab in Deposition → View Flash Talk
William Drawl (wrd1@psu.edu)

Plasma Etch Capabilities in the Nanofab → View Flash Talk
Guy Lavallee (gpl107@psu.edu)

Self-propulsion and shear flow align active particles in nozzles and channels → View Flash Talk
Leonardo Dominguez Rubio (lzd51@psu.edu)

Dielectrophoretic Control of Particle Suspensions with Topographical Features → View Flash Talk
Albanie Hendrickson-Stives (akh5245@psu.edu)

Wafer-scale epitaxial transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition → View Flash Talk
Tanushree Choudhury (tuc21@psu.edu)

Development of hybrid polymer/inorganic nanoparticle materials using surface-initiated ring-opening metathesis polymerization → View Flash Talk
Jacob LaNasa (jzl293@psu.edu)

A Scalable and Cost-effective Platform for Integrating Complex Oxide Thin Films on Silicon → View Flash Talk
Tatiana Kuznetsova (tak297@psu.edu)

Nanomaterials and Nano- and MIcrofabrication II

Nanoscale Stabilized Structural Features for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution and Hydrogenation Catalysis → View Flash Talk
Albert Darling (ajd41@psu.edu)

Iridescent Structurally Colored Coatings Harnessing Reflective Microstructures → View Flash Talk
Caleb Meredith (chm19@psu.edu)

Probing proximity effect in topological insulator/superconductor  heterostructures → View Flash Talk
Cequn Li (czl236@psu.edu)

Compact Bio-Inspired Nanoscale Textures Reduce Contact Time of Bouncing Droplets → View Flash Talk
Lin Wang (luw170@psu.edu)

Introduction to the Nanofabrication Laboratory → View Flash Talk
Chad Eichfeld (cme133@psu.edu)

Nanofab Lithography Capabilities → View Flash Talk
Kathleen Gehoski (kag31@psu.edu)