2020 Millennium Café Pitch Competition Winners

On June 2, 2020, graduate students pitched their research in 2 minutes or less in a virtual setting!

Sponsored by PPG Industries, the Millennium Café Pitch Competition is an opportunity to pitch your research in TWO minutes or less using no more than four supporting slides. Graduate students briefly conveyed their research to a curious and technically diverse audience in hopes of taking home CASH PRIZES and developing new COLLABORATIONS.

Here are the 2020 WINNERS:

1st Place Winner
Sandra Ike

"Creating Graphitic Carbons from Biopolymers"
Email Sandra at sxi5097@psu.edu

2nd Place Winner
Nabila Nabi Nova

"3D Printing of Metals from Salt Solutions"
Email Nabila at nxn55@psu.edu

3rd Place Winner
William Searight

"Deep Space Exploration Using Nuclear Rockets"
Email Will at wts36@psu.edu

4th Place Consolation
Thomas Nigl

"Using Liquid Metals to Reduce Nuclear Waste"

5th Place Consolation
Abigail Gancz

"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells the Story?  Assessing Health and Disease in Past Populations"