Presentation Guidelines

Please keep these guidelines while preparing your presentation:

  1. Maximum of 13 minutes to present. We use a debate style timer with: green (start), yellow (3 minutes remaining), and red lights (times up) to keep the event on track.
  2. This is a fun and dynamic opportunity to share strengths, glean advice from the audience, and develop new collaborations.
  3. Keep in mind a very diverse group of 85+ researchers attend the Café each week. Please keep content/lingo at a broadly accessible level.
  4. Required Content:
    • Personal introduction - family, hometown, hobbies, last vacation, favorite food, or anything about your life outside the lab!
    • Teach - Highlight a few aspects of your research so the audience (very diverse background) understands some of what you do. They are looking for new collaborations.
    • Learn - Highlight an area where you are looking for new collaborations (faculty speaker) or would like advice on how to solve a problem you've encountered (student speaker).
  5. Given the size of the MSC Café and the screens used for presenting please try to avoid using a font smaller than 28 point. This font size is easily read from any location within the Cafe Commons space.

Questions, Comments & Requests to Present

Please send any questions, comments or requests to present at the Café to Josh Stapleton.