2022 Spotlight: Ultrathin Semiconductors for Next Generation Devices

Ultrathin Semiconductors for Next Generation Devices  


Thursday, March 31st 
Time:  9:30am - 11:00am

Please join up to 30 minutes early to network and “find a seat” as industry presentations will begin promptly at 9:30am.  

Presented by the Penn State Materials Research Institute, the Materials Spotlight Series is designed to create connections and spark discussions between industry and Penn State faculty and students that lead to productive research collaborations.   

The third edition of the 2022 Materials Spotlight Series will be on Ultrathin Semiconductors For Next Generation Devices.  This forum will look at the short-, mid-, and long-term challenges for application of 2D materials in devices.  Topics can include material selection, device structure, processing, reliability, opportunities for improvement, etc.  This discussion is relevant to future extensions of Moore’s Law beyond Si and highlight viewpoints from three major industry participants and three faculty groups working on the bleeding edge of research in the field. 

Company Presentations 

  • Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) - Towards roll to roll manufacturing of sensors based on 2D materials, Nick Glavin, Senior Materials Scientist
  • Intel Co - 2D Materials for Industry (11-minute pre-recorded), Carl  H. Naylor, Research Engineer, Components Research

Faculty Presentations

We will conclude the event with a short Q&A and networking session

We hope to see you there!