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Materials Characterization

  1. Understanding the Native Assembly, Interface Interactions, and Piezoelectric Properties of Cellulose  
    S. Huang, M. Makarem, I. Chae, S. H. Kim [view full abstract .docx]
  2. Electro-Thermal Analysis of β-Ga2O3 Based Ultra-Wide Bandgap Schottky Barrier Diodes 
    B. Chatterjee, A. Jayawardena, S. Dhar, S. Choi [view full abstract .docx]
  3. 3D Full-Field Mechanical Measurement of Shoulder Bones under Implant Loading 
    Y. Zhou, G. S. Lewis, A. D. Armstrong, J. Du [view full abstract .docx]
  4. Investigation of Surface Conditions on the Cooling of Nuclear Fuel Rods
    S. Ebrahim, F. B. Cheung [view full abstract .docx]
  5. Controlling Chemistry and Microstructure for Functional Soft Materials 
    M. Aplan, J. Litofsky, E. D. Gomez  [view full abstract .docx]
  6. Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering of Biological Systems 
    D. Ye, S. Rongpipi, E.D. Gomez, E.W. Gomez  [view full abstract .docx]
  7. Low-dose Transmission Electron Microscopy of Highly Oriented Polyacetylene 
    H.-T. Huang, M. D. Ward, S. J. Juhl, A. Biswas, T. A. Strobel, J. V. Badding  [view full abstract .docx]
  8. Photonic Nanomaterials Examined Using Magneto-Optical Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (MO-CLEM)
    K. L. Knappenberger, Jr., P. J. Herbert, and T. Zhao Second  [view full abstract .docx]
  9. Synthesis and Characterization of Anionic Exchange Membranes: Hickner Group 
    R. J. Lopez-Hallman, T. J. Zimudzi, L. Zhu, R. A. Wiencek, M. A. Hickner  [view full abstract .docx]
  10. Defect Phenomena in Nanostructures: An Ultra-high Resolution Electron Microscopy Study 
    D. Mukherjee, S. Juhl, P. Moradifar, L. Miao, S. Bachu, K. Agueda, N. Alem  [view full abstract .docx]
  11. In-situ TEM Study on Shape Deformation and Thermal Stability of Silica Opals and Nickel Filled Silica Nano-Opals 
    P. Moradifar, Y. Liu, J. Russell, T. Mallouk, J. Badding, N. Alem [view full abstract .docx]
  12. The High Field MRI Facility at The Pennsylvania State University 
    T. Neuberger  [view full abstract .docx]
  13. Research at the Electroactive Materials Characterization Laboratory 
    S. Ahmed, M. A. Al Masud, T. Carroll, N. D’Souza, J. Kopatz, A. Foster III, A. Meddeb, M. A. Vecchio, W. Zhang and Z. Ounaies   [view full abstract .docx]
  14. SNIPE: A Scanning Probe Microscope with In-situ Optical Access for Locating Material and Device Features and Interfaces 
    L. Pabbi, R. Banerjea, E. Hudson  [view full abstract .docx]
  15. Using Laser Diagnostics to Understand Changes in Soot Nanostructure 
    M. Singh, R. Vander Wal  [view full abstract .docx]
  16. Penn State Underground Pipeline Corrosion “Living” Laboratory
    B. Shaw, E. Sikora, C. Van Pelt, K. S. Venkataraman [view full abstract .docx]

Computer Simulation and Modeling

  1. Phase-field-based Package for Modeling and Simulating Materials Microstructure and Properties 
    X.X. Cheng, T.N. Yang, B. Wang, Y.Z. Ji, R. Wang, J.J. Wang, J.M. Hu, J. Britson, L.Q. Chen [view full abstract .docx]
  2. Computational Materials Science: Multi-scale Microstructure Simulation 
    L.-Q. Chen  [view full abstract .docx]
  3. Two-Fold Anisotropy in Sodiated Black Phosphorous for Sodium Ion Batteries 
    T. Chen, P. Zhao, X. Guo, S. Zhang  [view full abstract .docx]
  4. Designing and Production of Cork-Based Functionally-Graded Concrete Walls 
    F. Craveiro, J. Duarte  [view full abstract .docx]
  5. Bone Remodeling Under Tooth Loading 
    K. Su, L. Yuan, J. Du   [view full abstract .docx]
  6. DFT Studies of Intermetallic Gamma-Brass Crystal Structures for Selective Hydrogenation  
    H. He, A. Dasgupta, G. Kumar, R. M. Rioux, M. J. Janik  [view full abstract .docx]
  7. Predicting Stability of Modified Metal Oxide Surfaces with Functional Atomic-Layers for Nano-engineered Catalysts  
    A. S. M. Jonayat, A. van Duin, M. Janik  [view full abstract .docx]
  8. Quantum–continuum Simulation of the Electrochemical Response of Pseudocapacitor Electrodes under Realistic Conditions 
    N. Keilbart, Y. Okada, S. Higai, I. Dabo  [view full abstract .docx]
  9. Computational Materials System Design
    Z.-K. Liu  [view full abstract .docx]
  10. Quantum Theory of Condensed Systems: Bilayer Graphene Landau Levels, Inversion Domains in GaN, Proton Dynamics on Alumina, and Transport in Graphene 
    G. DuCharme, B. Green, J. Robins, M. Umar, J. Sofo  [view full abstract .docx]
  11. The Dabo Group | First Principles Interfacial Electrochemistry 
    S. Weitzner  [view full abstract .docx]
  12. Extending the Time and Length Scale of Modeling for Van der Waals Heterostructures 
    P. Zhao, S. Zhang  [view full abstract .docx]

Biomaterials and Medical Devices

  1. Specific Targeting of hBMSCs and RF Mediated Osteogenesis Using Dumbbell Shaped AuFe3O4 Nanoparticles Conjugated with Anti-CXCR4 Antibody and miR148b Mimic 
    J. Casey, A. Forghani, M. Abu-Laban, C. Chen, J. Bursavich, M. B. Cavalier, R. Hoff, K. Hogan, W. Phelan, D. Hayes [view full abstract .docx]
  2. Self-Assembly of Smart Multifunctional Hybrid Compartments with Programmable Bioactivity 
    G. Cheng, S. Hao, Y. Wan, S.Y. Zheng [view full abstract .docx]
  3. Portable Sample-to-Answer Multiplexed Molecular Diagnosis for Malaria in Remote Areas
    G. Choi, T. Prince, J. Miao, L. Cui, W. Guan [view full abstract .docx]
  4. BIOENIGMA: High Throughput Screening for Protein Based Materials 
    M. Demirel [view full abstract .docx]
  5. : Changes in Cell Shape Modulate the Overall Rate of Nanoparticle Endocytosis 
    P. Fattahi, Y.-T. Yeh, S.-Y. Zhang, S. Zhang, J. L. Brown, P. J. Butler [view full abstract .docx]
  6. Citrate-based Biomaterials for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
    G. Bora Kim and J. Yang [view full abstract .docx]
  7. Synthesis and Self-Assembly of PNBE-PEO Amphiphilic Block Copolymer 
    C. Lang, J. LaNasa, M. Kumar, R. J. Hickey [view full abstract .docx]
  8. Birdcage Coil Fabrication for High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
    G. Lee, W. Lee, J. Clark, M. Lanagan, T. Neuberger [view full abstract .docx]
  9. Biomimetic Photoluminescent Biodegradable Polymers for Bone Tissue Engineering
    C. Ma, X. Tian, X. Bai, J. Yang [view full abstract .docx]
  10. A New In Situ Method to Measure Membrane Elasticity in Cell Membranes Using Fluorescence Lifetime Distribution of DiI  
    S. Son, H. S. Muddana, P. J. Butler [view full abstract .docx]
  11. Mechanotargeting of Nanoparticles to Malignant Cells
    Q. Wei, T.K. Zhao, P. Zhao, P. Butler, S.L. Zhang [view full abstract .docx]
  12. Towards a Real-time Data-driven Approach for Proactive Injury Prevention in Construction
    J. Zhao, E. Obonyo [view full abstract .docx]
  13. A Force-threshold Criterion for Multicellular Epithelium Dispersion
    Y. Zhang, T.K. Zhao, X.C. Shi, P. Zhao, C.J. Huang, Q. Wei, X. Tang, L. Santy, T. M. A. Saif, S.L. Zhang [view full abstract .docx]

Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication

  1. Improving Energy Density and Power Performance of Li-Ion Capacitors Using Nano Graphite Anodes 
    A. R. Aref, C.-C. Chou, M. T. Lanagan, C. Randall, R. Rajagopalan [view full abstract .docx]
  2. Scalable Manufacturing of Polymer Nanocomposites Using Oscillating Magnetic Fields 
    Y. Atescan, M. Spencer, S. Trivedi, M. Sharp, R. B. Branco, N. Yamamoto [view full abstract .docx]
  3. Random Laser Emission Tuning Via Anisotropic Scattering Particle Alignment 
    P. Donahue, J. Miller, C. Wang, C. Zhang, N. Nye, D. Christodoulides, Z. Liu, C.D. Keating [view full abstract .docx]
  4. Reconfigurable Electric Field Directed Particle Assemblies for Metamaterial Applications 
    N. Famularo, S.J. Boehm, L. Kang, X. Guo, T.S. Mayer, D.H. Werner, C.D. Keating  [view full abstract .docx]
  5. Direct Laser Writing Via Laser Induced Thermal Voxels 
    C. Kindle, L. Zarzar  [view full abstract .docx]
  6. CVD Growth of Graphene and hBN for 2D Heterostructures and Integration 
    J. W. Kronz, R. Lavelle, J. Redwing, D. W. Snyder  [view full abstract .docx]
  7. Surface Initiated Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization from Silica Nanoparticles 
    J. LaNasa, C. Lang, R. J. Hickey  [view full abstract .docx]
  8. Size and Interface Modulated Metal-Insulator Transition in Solution-Synthesized Nanoscale VO2–TiO2–VO2 Heterostructures 
    Xuefei Li and Raymond E. Schaak  [view full abstract .docx]
  9. Condensation and Fog Harvesting on Bioinspired Slippery Rough Surfaces 
    X. Dai, N. Sun, B.B. Stogin, J. Wang, L. Wang, T.-S. Wong  [view full abstract .docx]
  10. Band Filling and Electric Field Effects on Anisotropic Magnetotransport of Two-dimensional Electron Gases at SrTiO3 (111)-, (110)-, and (001)-oriented Surfaces 
    L. Miao, J. Wang, R. Du, Y. Yin, Q Li  [view full abstract .docx]
  11. Advanced Multifunctional Energy Materials and Systems 
    Q. M. Zhang, T. Zhang, Y. Thakur, H. Xi, M. Lu, Xin Chen, Y. Zhou, Y. Hou, Q. X. Yang  [view full abstract .docx]
  12. Two-dimensional Electronic Materials 
    R. Zhao, D.D.Deng, B.M.Bersch, S.Subramanian, N.Briggs, X.Zhang, K.Zhang, N. Simonson, B.Jariwala, Y.C.Lin, M.Wetherington, B. Kupp, H. Al-Sadeg, A. Duran, S. Holoviak, A. Kozhakhmetov, S. Manzo, S. Mileski, C.  Pernia, T. Williams, N. Stegamat, J.A. Robinson  [view full abstract .docx]

Materials Processing and Manufacturing

  1. Plasma Metamaterials 
    S. Antonsson, M. Lanagan, C. Randall, D. Wolfe, E. Furman, Z. Cohick, J. Guo, S. Perini, A. Baker  [view full abstract .docx]
  2. Magneto-active Materials and Structures Lab 
    P. von Lockette, C. Breznak, A. Erol, L. Althoff, N. Watson  [view full abstract .docx]
  3. FAST Manufacturing of Advanced Nano-/micro-structured Metallic and Ceramic Composites 
    J. Dai, C. Lin, S. Niuman, J. Singh, N. Yamamoto  [view full abstract .docx]
  4. Ceramic Coating for Corrosion (C3) Resistance of Nuclear Fuel Cladding  
    E. Alat, A. T. Motta, R. J. Comstock, J. M. Partezana, D. E. Wolfe  [view full abstract .docx]
  5. Manufacturing and Uniformity of Grain Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics 
    M.A. Fanton, R.J. Meyer, E.R. Kupp, B.H. Watson, Y. Chang, R.L. Walton, H.E. Payne, G.L. Messing  [view full abstract .docx]
  6. Cold Sintering: An Extremely Low Temperature Processing Route for Ceramics and Related Composites 
    J. Guo, M. Sengul, X. Zhao, K. Tsuji, B. Li, W. Chen, A. Baker, M. T. Lanagan, C. A. Randall [view full abstract .docx]
  7. Additive Manufacturing: An Enabling Technology for Design Optimization 
    B. Hanks, M. Frecker, M. Moyer  [view full abstract .docx]
  8. Effect of Alloying Elements (Cr and Al) in Nickel-based Alloys in Molten Sulfate Environments 
    K. Kumar, H. Kim  [view full abstract .docx]
  9. Additive Manufacturing Shape Memory Alloys: Heat Treating to Tune Microstructure  
    B. A. Bimber, R. F. Hamilton, T. A. Palmer  [view full abstract .docx]
  10. Effects of Composition, Impurities, and Growth Conditions on the Vertical Bridgman Growth of the Topological Insulators Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3, and Bi2TexSe1-x 
    D. Snyder, R. Lavelle, R. Cavalero, R. Redwing, M. Carrasco-Munoz [view full abstract .docx]
  11. Investigating the Polymorphism in β-nucleated iPP Injection Moldings Using a Combined XRD/flow Simulation Analytical Approach 
    A. M. Gohn, A. M. Rhoades, D. Okonski, D. Mileva, R. Androsch  [view full abstract .docx]
  12. Graded Glass-Ceramic Interface
    S. Nazarian, C. Pantano, P. Colombo, M. Marangoni, M. Hojati, H. Ye [view full abstract .docx]
  13. MarsCrete
    S. Nazarian, J. Duart, A. Radlinska, M. Hojati, N. Ashraf [view full abstract .docx]
  14. High Pressure Methane Adsorption in Metal-organic Frameworks and Their Monolithic Composites with Silica Aerogel 
    Y.D. Noh, S. Komarneni   [view full abstract .docx]
  15. Role of Porosity of Carbon in Determining the Electrode Performance in Capacitive Deionization Process 
    M. Nkiawete, R. Vander Wal, M. Horn, R. Rajagopalan  [view full abstract .docx]
  16. Flow-induced Crystallization of Nylon 6/6
    J. Seo, H. Takahashi, B. Nazari, A.M. Rhoades, R.P. Schaake, R.H. Colby  [view full abstract .docx]
  17. Surface Chemistry of Glass and Tribology         
    N.S. Sheth, J. Luo, X. He, H. Liu  [view full abstract .docx]
  18. Exploring the Cause of Non-graphitizability of Carbon Materials Using Graphene and Graphene Oxide 
    M. Singh, R. Vander Wal  [view full abstract .docx]
  19. Energy Savings with Microwaves: Metal Powder Heating Mechanisms          
    T. Slawecki, Y. Zhang, J. Cheng, D.K. Agrawal  [view full abstract .docx]
  20. Advanced Multifunctional Coatings and Materials Processing for Extreme Environments 
    J. Stokes, E. Alat, Z. Cohick, G. Schneeberger, M. El-Tantawy, E. Sun, T. Bowen, N. O’Brien, A. Baer, P. Albert, A. Schwartz, S. Karwa, M. McPherson, B. Karafinski, T. McKnight, T. Medill, S. Showers, B. Thaler, D. E. Wolfe  [view full abstract .docx]
  21. Development of Sacrificial Coating for Magnesium Aerospace Components 
    K. S. Venkataraman, R. W. Gresh, B. A. Shaw, E. Sikora [view full abstract .docx]
  22. Application of Mesoporous Materials for CO2 Capture and Conversion
    X.X. Wang, X. Jiang, N. Koizumi, C.S. Song  [view full abstract .docx]
  23. Tailoring Microstructure and Processes to Enhance Structural and Functional Properties of Ceramic Materials 
    G. L. Messing, E. R. Kupp, Y. Chang, R. Bermejo, T. Frueh, B. H. Watson III, M. Brova, R. Walton, K-H Lee, J. Wu  [view full abstract .docx]
  24. New Polymeric Materials for Additive Manufacturing
    M. A. Hickner Research Group [view full abstract .docx]
  25. Functional Polyolefins with High Thermal Stabilit
    G. Zhang, W. Zhu, M. Chung  [view full abstract .docx]

Electronic/Photonic Materials and Devices

  1. The Role of Interfaces in Performance, Degradation, and Breakdown of Non-Linear Dielectrics Under Extreme Conditions 
    T. J. M. Bayer, J.-J. Wang, J. Carter, R. Wang, S. Sahu, M. Ryu, A. Klein, L.-Q. Chen, C.A. Randall  [view full abstract .docx]
  2. Steep Slope 2D Strain Field Effect Transistor: 2D SFET & Electro-Ablated Monolayer TMDs 
    D. S. Schulman¸ A. J. Arnold, S. Das  [view full abstract .docx]
  3. Tunable and Flexible Metasurfaces        
    X. Chen, X. Ni  [view full abstract .docx]
  4. Interfacial Chemistry Regulation via a Skin-Grafting Strategy Enables High-performance Lithium-metal Batteries 
    Y. Gao, Y. Zhao, Y. C. Li, Q. Huang, T. E. Mallouk, D. Wang  [view full abstract .docx]
  5. Integrating 2D Materials and Nanostructures for Photonic and Medical Applications 
    S. Huang  [view full abstract .docx]
  6. Dielectric and Viscoelastic Properties of Electrostatic Network Ion Gels
    J.E. Bostwick, C. Zanetolli, L. A. Madsen, R. H. Colby  [view full abstract .docx]
  7. Space-Time Modulated Metasurface 
    X. Guo, X. Ni  [view full abstract .docx]
  8. Recent Developments in the Fabrication of Astronomical Gratings 
    F. Grisé, J. McCoy, R. McEntaffer, D. Miles, N. Zhang   [view full abstract .docx]
  9. Visible Switchable Optical Metasurface with Phase Change Materials 
    Y. Ding, Y. Duan, A.S. Gupta, R.E. Herbert, X. Ni [view full abstract .docx]
  10. Durable Broadband Graded-index Fluoropolymer Antireflection Coatings for Plastic Optics 
    B. Wang, J. S. Price, N. C. Giebink [view full abstract .docx]
  11. An Overview of Material Synthesis, Characterization, Device Development and Testing Capabilities in the ARL’s EMD Department  
    D. Snyder, M. Fanton, D. Rearick, R. Cavalero, B. Weiland, R. Gamble, R. Lavelle, J. Fox  [view full abstract .docx]
  12. High Thermal Stability OLEDs
    J. S. Price, B. Wang, Y. Shen, N. C. Giebink  [view full abstract .docx]
  13. Record-low Contact Resistances to Many Semiconductors 
    K. A. Cooley, T. N. Walter, A. C. Domask, A. Molina, A. Agyapong, C. Lawrence, L. Kerstetter, S. E. Mohney  [view full abstract .docx]
  14. Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Nanoscale Materials
    S-Y. Yu, A. C. Domask, T. N. Walter, I. Campbell, K. A. Cooley, A. Molina, L. Kerstetter, R. Alsaadi,S. E. Mohney [view full abstract .docx]
  15. ZnO TFTs for Integrated Electronics Applications
    A. Gupta, T. Liu, S. Lee, M. M. Tendulkar, S. Yoo, E. W. Gomez, E. Gomez, S. Trolier-McKinstry, T. N. Jackson  [view full abstract .docx]
  16. Direct Growth and Transport Properties of Epitaxial Graphene/Molybdenum Disulfide Lateral Heterostructures 
    D.D. Deng, S. Subramanian. K. Xu, N. Simonson, J. Li, D. Waters, K. Zhang, K. Wang, R. Feenstra, S. Fullerton-Shirey, J.A. Robinson [view full abstract .docx]
  17. Tuning the Dielectrophoretic Assembly of Dielectric Particles Through Surface Functionalization 
    N. Burrows, N. Alexander, I. Ibrahim, C. Keating   [view full abstract .docx]
  18. Piezoelectric Microelectromechanical Systems (PiezoMEMS)
    L. Jacques, N. Kirchner-Hall, C. Cheng, K. Coleman, T. Liu, D. Wang, L. Dennis, C. Morandi, B. Akkopru-Akgun, S. Shetty, H. G. Yeo, W. Zhu, J. Walker, S. Trolier-McKinstry  [view full abstract .docx]


  1. Material Matters: A Model for the Design and Construction of Low-cost, High-performance, Energy-efficient Shelters in Burkina Faso, West Africa  
    V. A. A. Noel, R. A. Kimel  [view full abstract .docx]
  2. Point-of-care Microfluidic Platform Using ZnO Nanowire Template for Virus Detection by Plasmonic Colorimetric Reaction 
    Y. Xia, Y. Chen, G. Cheng, X. Yu, Z. Liu, S-Y Zheng  [view full abstract .docx]

  3. Expanding the Capacity to Confront the Global Water Crisis:   
    Exploring Affordable Possibilities and Increased Effectiveness of Point of Use Ceramic Water Filters with Metallic Nanoparticles 
    I. Dabo, Z. Ounaies, S. Carpenter, II, S. Weitzner, F. Rodriguez  [view full abstract .docx]
  4. Smartphone-based Optical Spectrometer for Early Plant Disease Detection and Quantification 
    C. Zhou, V. Bucklew, P. Edwards, C. Zhang, D. Hughes, X. Qu, Z. Liu  [view full abstract .docx]
  5. The Perceptions and Feasibility of 3D Printed Spectacle Design in Arusha, Tanzania 
    A. Cronin, M. Freeman, J. Rong, D. Zaremsky, E. Obonyo, S.Ritter, E.Park [view full abstract .docx]
  6. The Peanut Shell 
    M. K Kenneh, E. Obonyo [view full abstract .docx]

Materials Research Centers

  1. MRSEC IRG 2: Active Matter Systems at the Nanoscale           
    P. Butler, S. Cochran, P. Cremer, V. Crespi, C. Demore, R. Golestanian, T.J. Huang, M. MacDonald, T. Mallouk, A. Sen, S. Trolier-McKinstry, D. Velegol  [view full abstract .docx]
  2. New Automated Imaging Capabilities at MCL   
    E. Bazilevskaya, N. Wonderling [view full abstract .docx]
  3. CRAFT: Center for Research on Advanced Fiber Technologies
    M. Demirel  [view full abstract .docx]
  4. The Two-dimensional Crystal Consortium - Materials Innovation Platform 
    K.A. Dressler, J.M. Redwing, N. Samarth, V.H. Crespi, E.W. Hudson  [view full abstract .docx]
  5. Investigation of Surface Conditions on the Cooling of Nuclear Fuel Rods PSU Global Nuclear Power Safety (GNPS) Center
    S.Ebrahim, F-B. Cheung [view full abstract .docx]
  6. The Pennsylvania State University Nanofabrication Laboratory           
    K. A. Gehoski, G. P. Lavallee, W. R. Drawl, S. Trolier-McKinstry, C. M. Eichfeld  [view full abstract .docx]
  7. MRSEC IRG 4 - Multicomponent Assemblies for Collective Function
    C. D. Keating, Z. Liu, D. Werner, M. Rechtsman, D. Christodoulides, R. Schaak, K. Fichthorn, L. Q. Chen, T. S. Mayer  [view full abstract .docx]
  8. Center for Innovative Sintered Products – Fundamental and Applied Research in Sintered Materials 
    T.A. Palmer  [view full abstract .docx]
  9. ATOMIC    
    M. Terrones, J. Robinson, N. Simonson, F. Zhang, K. Zhang, Y Lei  [view full abstract .docx]
  10. 3D Metal Printing in The Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Innovative Materials Processing Through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D)
    T. Simpson  [view full abstract .docx]
  11. Center for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics (CDP)  
    S. Trolier-McKinstry, C. A. Randall  [view full abstract .docx]
  12. The Materials Computation Center -  A Highly Versatile Faculty Collaborative for Computational Support of Materials Research 
    C. Ashraf, D. Akbarian, R. Lotfi, D. Yilmaz, Y. K. Shin, M. Singul, A. van Duin  [view full abstract .docx]
  13. e-Bio-e Lab @ PSU at a glance Point-of-Care Systems for Real-time Biochemical Analysis 
    A. Ebrahimi [view full abstract .docx]
  14. Glass Research @ PSU
    J. C. Mauro [view full abstract .docx]
  15. Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials 
    T.A. Palmer, Z. Khayat, S. Meredith, A. Iams, M. Brennan [view full abstract .docx]
  16. Polyampholytes in Electric Fields 
    C. W. Pester  [view full abstract .docx]
  17. Raman and Near-Field Characterization of Graphene Heterostructures 
    M. Blades, X. Li, S. V. Rotkin [view full abstract .docx]
  18. Electronic, Optical, and Ceramic Materials Research for Infra-red Systems, Nanoenergetic Systems, New Materials Discovery, and Advanced Synthesis Science 
    J.-P. Maria Research Group [view full abstract .docx]
  19. Photonics Technologies by Engineering Non-Hermiticity in Optics: From Controlling Light Transport to Optical Sensing and Optomechanics 
    S. Ozdemir Research Group [view full abstract .docx]

Miscellaneous Entries

Cool Room Designed for sub-Saharan Africa Farm Storage
A. Bailey, E. Obonyo [view full abstract .docx]

National Remotely Accessible Instruments for Nanotechnology (RAIN) Network
R. Ehrmann [view full abstract .docx]

Power Electronics: Efficient Energy Conversion Solid State Switches / Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials
S. A. Suliman [view full abstract .docx]