Keynote Speaker

Aerospace Materials for Extreme Environments
Ali Sayir
Air Force Office of Scientific Research and NASA Liaison

Transformative breakthroughs most of the time do not originate from the investigations of materials in the equilibrium state but in contrary at the margins of stability, in a regime at the limit or outside of the textbook knowledge within the discipline. In this context, this presentation will embrace materials and processing science approaches that are far from the thermodynamic equilibrium domain; i.e., directionally solidified eutectic structures, highly doped piezoelectric and thermoelectric materials, and other oxide materials with cage structures for electron emission. The intent is to elucidate the complex interplay between phase transitions for electronic/magnetic phase separation and untangle the interdependence between structural and electronic effects. I will also discuss what I consider to be promising research concentration areas within ceramics research for the aerospace materials for extreme environments portfolio of Air Force Office of Scientific (AFOSR), including the focused development of a ceramics processing science laboratory for ceramic matrix composites, the development of materials for use in the hypersonic regime.

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Invited Speakers

Ismaila Dabo

Functional Materials by Design
Ismaila Dabo
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

Virtual Experiments from Atoms to Systems

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Esther Obonyo

Materials for Humanity
Esther Obonyo
Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering and Engineering Design, The Pennsylvania State University

Materials at the Human Scale

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Douglas Wolfe

Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing
Douglas E. Wolfe
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Applied Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University

New Ways of Making (Additive Manufacturing)

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Joshua Robinson

2D Materials
Joshua Robinson
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

Building Materials One Layer at a Time

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Melik Demirel

Advanced Fibers and Smart Textiles
Melik Demirel
Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, The Pennsylvania State University

Recreating an Industry by Adding Value and Sustainability

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Michael Janik

Redesigning Catalysts at the Nanoscale
Michael Janik
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

Reaction Mechanism in Nanoscale Systems

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Jian Yang

Materials for Health
Jian Yang
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

The Road from Biomaterial Science to Medical Device and Patient Care

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Chris Giebink

Electronics and Photonics on the Horizon
Chris Giebink
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

What are We Building in the Lab Today that Will Matter Tomorrow?

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