Abstract Submission


Abstract Submission Is Currently Open Through February 13, 2019

Abstract Submission

  • Submission of an abstract for this conference is via an Official Invitation email only. Please contact the Conference Coordinator, Sandie Elder at sle34@psu.edu to request an invitation
  • ALL abstracts MUST be submitted online through your official abstract submission invitation email
  • Abstract submission invitation emails are only sent to those individuals who receive an official conference registration invitation email
  • Please see our Registration page for details on requesting an invitation to this Workshop
  • We are unable to accept abstracts via email; please do not email them

Abstract Details

  • You must use the MANDATORY Abstract Template for your abstract. Download it here - Abstract Template.
    IMPORTANT: Detailed instructions for preparing your abstract are written within the body of the Abstract Template - please read it carefully

  • The Abstract Template also contains a section requesting your presentation preference and this should be completed as well

  • The Corresponding Author section on the Abstract Template must be completed in full and should only include information about the Presenting Author. The Presenting Author and Corresponding Author are the same

  • Make your abstract concise and state results explicitly; do not simply outline the subject to be discussed

  • The abstract is the basis for selecting papers for presentation and is distributed to participants as the only written record

  • Only .doc or .docx file formats will be accepted. Files in any other format will be rejected. 4 MB is the maximum file size you may submit

  • Late abstract submissions may be considered on a "space available" basis only

All Abstracts are Presented as Either Poster Only, 3-minute Oral Summary with Poster, or for Select Papers, a 15-minute talk with Poster

  • All abstracts must also be presented as a poster with the additional option of a concise, 3-minute oral summary or a longer 15-minute talk. You will have the option of selecting your presentation preference during the abstract submission process online. There is also a section on the Abstract Template where you will need to indicate your preference as well
  • Selected papers are afforded the longer 15-minute slot; this selection is based on the technical content of the submitted abstracts. Not all authors who selected the 15-minute talk preference will be chosen for this time slot, in which case you will be assigned to give either a 3-minute oral summary or poster only
  • As in previous years, all posters must remain on display for the entire three days of the meeting in the Poster Exhibition Room 

Abstracts for Exhibitor Commercial Displays

  • Exhibiting firms seeking to present their products must submit an abstract and bring a poster for your display. For presentation type, poster only is recommended for Exhibitors but if so desired, a 3-minute oral summary can be requested but is not required. Exhibitors wishing to provide a 3-minute oral summary will be assigned to do so during the first session on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Companies will be provided an area for their commercial display in the Poster Exhibition Room. This is also the room where Exhibitors' booths will be located