2018 Quantum Espresso


The Materials Computation Center of the Penn State Materials Research Institute announces the 2018 Quantum-Espresso Workshop www.mri.psu.edu/mri/events/quantum-espresso.

Quantum-Espresso is an open-source software widely used for predicting the properties of materials from first principles.  

In this workshop, developers of the package, led by Dr. Stefano Baroni and Dr. Paolo Giannozzi, will present the theory behind the codes and train the participants on how to use them for different applications, including the calculation of structural, vibrational, optical, and transport properties.  

Participants will have the opportunity to present a poster on their research during the workshop.



The support of the Penn State Institute of CyberScience, Penn State Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, and Penn State Materials Research Institute is gratefully acknowledged.