Graphene and Beyond 2017: From Atoms to Application
Graphene and Beyond 2017

From Atoms to Application

2017 IWATMD Joint Conference

7-11 May, 2017, Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.


CRAFT: PAWMC Programmable and Wearable Molecular Composites

MCL Workshop
MCL Seminars and Workshops

MCL and PANalytical bring you a complimentary 2 day event that includes a poster session

Millennium Cafe Every Tuesday at 10am
Millennium Cafe

An opportunity to spend time "outside the box" developing new ideas and leveraging the collective expertise.

Past Events

Materials Day Materials through 2025
Materials Day 2015

Come to Materials Day 2015 to catch a glimpse of what we might expect over the next decade in materials research.

2016 Taylor Lecture Series: Electronic Material Synthesis
Taylor Lecture Series

Electronic Materials Synthesis the Topic of 2016 Nelson Lecture

PPG listens to a two-minute pitch from graduate students
PPG/MRI Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

MRI and PPG will host a undergraduate research program which combines research from multiple areas

2016 International Workshop on Acoustic Transduction Materials and Devices

This workshop provides a forum for reports on, and discussions of, the state-of-the-art in materials and devices to generate, detect, and suppress sound.

Quantum Espresso

A modular and open-source suite widely used in the investigation of the properties of man-made and natural materials.

Research Penn State 2016: Materials Day Reinvented

"COMPETING IN A RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD": An opportunity for industry and government to connect with Penn State faculty and students across multiple research disciplines.

The World Conference on Carbon
Carbon Conference 2016

The World Conference on Carbon: Common fundamentals, remarkably versatile applications