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Amorphous silicon-filled microstructures optical fibers for in-fiber light modulation

D. Won, M. O. Ramirez, V. Gopalan, H. Kang, N. F. Baril, J. Calkins, P. J. A. Sazio, J. V. Badding and V. Gopalan, Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 161112-1/3(2007). PDF


Amorphous silicon is deposited within optical fibers by a high pressure microfluidic deposition process and characterized via Raman spectroscopy. All-optical modulation of 1.55 μm light guided through the silicon core is demonstrated using the free carrier absorption generated by a 532 nm pump pulse. Modulation depths of up to 8.26 dB and modulation frequencies of up to 1.4 MHz are demonstrated.

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