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Design and Simulation of Planar Electro-optic Switches in Ferroelectrics

M. Krishnamurthi, L. Tian and V. Gopalan, Appl. Phys. Lett., 93 052912 (2008). PDF


Conceptual design and numerical simulation of two polarization dependent planar optical switches based on the electro-optic effect in ferroelectrics operating at 1.55 μm wavelength are presented. The first design is a 3x3 optical switch based entirely on electro-optic beam steering (prism) elements and ion-exchanged lenses for collimation. The second design is a 1xN optical switch based on a combination of electro-optic beam steering and electro-optic focusing (lens) elements. The scalability of this device has been improved by compensating the in-plane divergence of the laser. Analytical expressions for the dependence of scalability are presented.

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