Pitch Competition

Millennium Cafe Pitch Competition

Join us on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Details of the Competition

Graduate Students will pitch their research in 2 minutes or less! 

In the spirit of the Millennium Café, the 4th Annual Pitch Competition sponsored by PPG is an opportunity to pitch your research in 2 minutes or less using no more than four 8.5” x 11” printed slides.  Graduate students will briefly convey their research to a curious and technically diverse audience in hopes of taking home PRIZE MONEY and developing new COLLABORATIONS.

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Evaluation Criteria

    Big Picture - Did the presenter tell you why the research is important?
    Structure & Clarity - Did the presenter create the message in a logical and well-supported fashion?
    Passion - Was the pitch presented with energy, enthusiasm, eye contact, good body language, etc.?
    Pace - Did the presenter stay within the allotted time?

Winners of this Competition

Winners will be highlighted at the 2018 Materials Day annual event with the opportunity to pitch their research during the Keynote Reception.