Pitch Competition

Millennium Cafe Pitch Competition

Join us on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Details of the Competition

Graduate Students will pitch their research in 2 minutes or less! 

In the spirit of the Millennium Café, the 3rd Annual Pitch Competition sponsored by PPG is an opportunity to pitch your research in 2 minutes or less using no more than four 8.5” x 11” printed slides.  Graduate students will briefly convey their research to a curious and technically diverse audience in hopes of taking home PRIZE MONEY and developing new COLLABORATIONS.

Evaluation Criteria

    Big Picture - Did the presenter tell you why the research is important?
    Clarity - Did the presenter condense the important points into a complete, meaningful message?
    Structure - Did the presenter create the message in logical and well-supported fashion?
    Audience - Did the presenter consider the interest of the audience when delivering the message?
    Passion - Was the pitch presented with energy, enthusiasm, eye contact, good body language, etc.?
    Pace - Did the presenter stay within the allotted time?