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Materials Innovation Platforms (MIP)

MIPs embrace the paradigm set forth by the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) which strives to “discover, manufacture, and deploy advanced materials in half the time and at a fraction of the cost.”  Platforms respond to the increasing complexity of conducting materials research that requires the close collaboration of multidisciplinary teams who have access to cutting edge tools.
The 2DCC-MIP is funded by NSF cooperative agreement DMR-1539916.

Education and Outreach Opportunities

In order for a user facility like ours to flourish, we strongly believe in the importance of both reaching out to the current generation of materials experts and contributing to the education of the next generation. Thus, in addition to developing innovative research capabilities, the 2DCC also has plans for a variety of innovative education and outreach programs. In addition to organizing conferences and workshops, hosting monthly research webinars and bringing a number of training resources online (subscribe to the 2D List to be kept abreast of these developments), we have a diverse array of experts who are looking forward to working with you and your community.  Travel scholarships are available for researchers and students from minority serving institutions and primarily undergraduate institutions, so don’t let a lack of resources dissuade you from contacting us.

Invite Us to Your School or Company

Furthermore, if you’d be interested in having one of our experts come to talk at your school or company about the MIP or 2DCC related research, let us know by providing information and a brief summary of your interests:

(please include information about potential audience and topics of interest)