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Global Connections

The Materials Computation Center at Penn State, a Global Resource for Materials Research

The Materials Computation Center (MCC), a part of the Materials Research Institute at Penn State, is a global resource for researchers working in computer-based simulations of materials across both length and time scales. Led by Prof. Adri van Duin, the developer of the Reactive Force Field (ReaxFF) method, the MCC also supports experimentalists who would like to add a simulation component to their work.

The map shows the geographical location of requests (for which physical locations could be determined) for code, parameter sets, collaboration, and general questions that have been received by the Materials Computation Center. Currently, the largest number of requests have been for access to the ReaxFF code and access to sets of parameter files for use with ReaxFF (and LAMMPS). At the time of this map’s creation (2016), this distribution represents over 1272 requests for access to MCC's computational expertise and member-developed software and parameter sets.

For more information about MCC and its more than two dozen associated faculty in materials simulation, connect with MCC.

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