June 12 - SEM Workshop

A one day course with lectures covering the basic theory and operation of an SEM.  There will be sign-up sheets for demos on June 13th if the attendee is interested.  

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Workshop Schedule

  • Introduction to microscopy
  • Sample preparation
  • Image formation
  • Image Interpretation
  • Imaging modes on Apreo and Verios
  • Detectors on Apreo and Verios
  • Low vacuum mode
  • Beam deceleration/system options
  • Practical options


James Ranney, Applications Engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific


MSC Building, Room N-201

Date and Time

June 12, 2019
9:00 am – 4:00 pm 


$60 – (Breakfast and Lunch included)
Please let us know if you have any dietary needs or restrictions when you fill out the registration form.

Registration Required

Registration by RIMS
Cancellation required 48 hours in advance or your RIMS account will be charged.
Email: jlr110@psu.edu or call (814) 865-2328 for further information.

Registration Deadline

Extended: June 7, 2019

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