Thomas Reinhard

Thomas Reinhard

Part Time Research Assistant


Hello, my name is Thomas Reinhard and I am an undergrad student at The Pennsylvania State University. I am currently studying Forensic Science – Chemistry Option. Beyond the many labs and science classes I’ve had this is my first job working in a lab such as the Materials Characterization lab. My hobbies include video gaming on my PC, soccer and going for long runs. 


Since starting in the Summer of 2019, I have learned to run samples in Empyrean XRD instruments and an MPD instrument we have as well. I have also learned to complete sample preparation in the form of polishing, soon to be followed by the cutting of samples. 

Day to Day 

One of my tasks is to routinely provide service to transmission electron microscopes in the form of filling the liquid nitrogen tanks. I also regularly clean the lab spaces, organize materials within the lab, and order supplies when needed. I also run samples or prep samples as needed by my fellow coworkers. 

Contact Info

N-   Millennium Science Complex