Katya Bazilevskaya

Katya Bazilevskaya

Particle & Thermal Analysis

Particle and Thermal Analysis


I joined the Materials Research Institute (MCL) as a staff scientist in the Fall 2015, although I had an opportunity to learn instrumental methods of MCL as a facility user well before that, while being in graduate school. I have a MS degree in Geosciences and PhD in Soil Chemistry and Biogeochemistry, both from Penn State, and the major part of my graduate and postdoctoral work was instrumental characterization of environmental samples such as soils and rocks. Some of the projects I have worked on included the role of porosity in rock weathering, porosity-permeability relationships affected by clay swelling, and behavior of organo-mineral nanoparticles in soils.

At the MCL I am on a mission to educate academic and community on the instrumental capabilities that fit best their research needs. What I like the most in my job is the opportunity to help a great variety of people, from undergraduate students who may be having their first instrumental experience to experienced researches who need advanced data treatment. It is exciting to be exposed to a variety of the state-of-art research projects currently performed at Penn State. My ultimate goal as a staff scientist is to provide the best and fastest data solution based on my instrument knowledge and research experience. Also, I absolutely enjoy working with other MCL staff members, feeling their constant support and sharing their passion for education in materials characterization.


PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
MS, The Pennsylvania State University
BS, Moscow State University, Russia
CBS, American Institute of Business and Economics


Surface Area, Particle Sizing, Zeta Potential, X-ray Scattering

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Office: N-104 MSC
Phone: 1-814-86 865-3624.
Email: eab204@psu.edu