Kat Crispin

Kat Crispin

EPMA, Sample Prep

EPMA, Sample Preparation


Kat came to Penn State about a year and a half ago from the Carnegie Institute of Washington in Washington, D.C. Her Ph.D. is from Case Western Reserve, and she also has a background in law enforcement. In fact, she was in her thirties, working the night shift at a company that was facing technological obsolescence when she vowed to return to school and get her first science degree ( in addition to others she already had), in chemistry. Then she went on to get her Ph.D., in geology.


PhD, Case Western Reserve University
BS, Cedar Crest College


SEM, Electron Probe Micro Analyzer

Fun Facts

Kat voluntarily spends much of her free time underground, as a passionate cave explorer. She is also the administrative vice president for the National Speleological Society, and is heavily involved in cave conservation and cave education.

Contact Info

Office: N-005 MSC
Phone: 1-814-865-0344
Email: klc5825@psu.edu