Colette Orlandi

Colette Orlandi

Administrative Support

MCL Admin Support/MRI Safety Admin Support

My Passion

People and everything about them! I love people, getting to know them, having fun with people, working with people, helping people where I can, and having compassion for people.

What excites me about my work

Many things excite me about my job.  My mom would always tell us kids to ‘whistle while you work’.  I try to keep that kind of outlook at my everyday job but once in a while I might not whistle, smile.  Other exciting things about my job are the people of MCL and MRI; supporting staff in their jobs and the vison of the organization;  thinking ahead in challenging areas and finally, interspersing fun with work. 

Fun Facts

Some of the things I enjoy are art and visiting art museums, playing card games and board games with family or friends, listening to jazz music and big band music, taking day trips and exploring small towns, and always enjoy quiet retreats.

Contact Info

Office: N-050 MSC
Phone: 1-814-865-2328