MSC Location & Infrastructure

The Millennium Science Complex (MSC)

N-317 Millennium Science Complex
Pollock Road
University Park, PA 16802
phone: 814.863.8407
fax: 814.865.7173

MCL: 814-865-2328
Nanofab: 814-865-7348
Safety & Equipment Training: 814-865-7348

MRI Floor Plans
Campus Map


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Meet our MCL Team

Administrative Support
Sample Preparation
X-Ray Scattering
TEM Sample Preparation
Associate Director, MCL
Administrative Support
Director, MCL
EPMA, Sample Prep
Particle & Thermal Analysis
Safety, Sample Preparation
Molecular Spectroscopy
Group Leader, X-Ray Scattering
Group Leader, Surface Metrology
Group Leader, SEM/FIB
Surface Science