Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry


  • Four low pressure ports
  • Two high pressure ports (60,000 psi)
  • Pore structure analysis is more rapid by MIP than by gas adsorption
  • Measurements can occur in 30 to 60 minutes
  • Pore size diameters can be measured between 0.003 and 360 microns
  • Measurements include pore volume, pore area, material density and percent porosity

Sample Requirements

  • Sample size is dependent on porosity
  • Maximum size is a cylinder 2.5 cm in diameter by 2.5 cm long
  • The sample must be rigid enough to prevent collapsing in high pressure
  • Sample must fit in appropriate penetrometer


  • Ceramics, absorbents, catalysts, paper, medical implants, fuel cells, geosciences, filtration, medical implants, aerospace, electronics and construction materials

To learn more, see the Porosimetry characterization technique.