EPMA - Electron Probe Micro Analyzer for Materials & Geosciences

The electron microprobe performs high accuracy quantitative chemical microanalysis on most solid samples. It has applications in geochemistry, material sciences (including cements, glass, ceramics …), biochemistry, microelectronics, mineralogy, geochronology, physical and nuclear metallurgy.


  • Simultaneous X-ray (WDS and EDS), SEM and BSE imaging
  • High sensitivity (few tens of ppm) from sub-micron volumes
  • Elemental detection from Be to U
  • Optimized vacuum system for low-level analysis of carbon and boron
  • Three High Sensitivity/high resolution WD spectrometers; Two 4-crystal High Resolution Spectrometers
  • Multilayer/thin film analysis
  • Monazite age dating
  • LaB₆ Electron Source for maximum versatility

For more information about this instrument, visit their website: CAMECA Science & Metrology Solutions