Microwave / 5G Techniques

Microwaves range in frequencies from 100’s of MHz to 100’s of GHz. Presently the frequency bands used for 5G (between 3GHz to 28GHz) fall within this spectrum. Characterization of materials in this frequency range utilize Vector Network Analyzers. 

The frequency range capabilities available in MSC range from 10’s of MHz to 67 GHz., with future capabilities reaching 110 GHz.  Multiple measurement techniques are utilized to cover this frequency range and are described below.

Often the measurement technique selected is based on the constraints of sample fabrication, it’s geometry, and/or measurement frequency requested.  In some cases material dielectric properties prevent a technique from being used. Resonant techniques measure a single frequency and are often the best solution for low loss samples. Broadband measurements cover a range of frequencies. Measurement accuracy and limitations vary between techniques used. Please consult with technical staff for additional information.


Keysight P9374A PNA
300KHz to 20Ghz

Visit their website for details

Anritsu 37369D
45MHz to 40Ghz

Keysight PNA-X N5247B
10MHz to 67Ghz

Visit their website for details

Measurement Techniques Overview

This technique is a resonant measurement that is ideal for thin flat samples. This technique measures permittivity and loss at a single frequency below 20GHz, depending on the thickness and dielectric properties of the sample. Sample minimum diameter = 1 inch, maximum uniform thickness < 3mm.

This technique is a resonant measurement that is ideal for disk or puck shaped samples. This technique measures permittivity and loss at a single frequency (Mhz to GHz), depending on the sample size and dielectric properties. Sample minimum height = 5mm. Height to diameter ratio approximately 0.5 inch.

R, X, Ku, and K bands available. These techniques provide broadband dielectric data across the band’s frequency range. Samples must fit precisely into the waveguide

These techniques are broadband. Up to 40 GHz. Co-planer on wafer capabilities with Formfactor probe stations and APC-40 probes, multiple pitches

Damaskos Open-Resonator
Fabry-perot type measurement, hybrid resonant and broadband. Frequency range from 12 GHz to 67 GHz. Ideal sample size 11cm x 11cm, flat, mm   range thicknesses

Broadband dielectric property measurement of non corrosive liquids and gels using Agilent 85070 probe. Frequency range 200Mhz to 20GHz.

3mm coaxial
Broadband measurement of samples from 300Khz to 2GHz. Sample must be 3mm in diameter, 0.5mm to 2mm, and electroded.  

Some additional techniques include
Waveguide Perturbation, EMI Shielding Effectiveness, Ring Resonators and High Frequency Resistivity, and Q vs Temperature. Please consult with technical staff for additional information.

Available in future
Swiss to 12 MCK dielectric solution. 70 GHz to 110 GHz. See   https://mck.swissto12.ch/